Wendy Benjamin Morgan, Attorney & Mediator

Wendy Benjamin Morgan is a Family Law Specialist certified by the State Bar of California. She has practiced family law for over 20 years in Arizona and California and has been a collaborative attorney since 1995. Wendy holds a JD from Hofstra University School of Law in New York. She is trained as a mediator, having received Divorce Mediation and Conflict Resolution training directly with Joan Kelley, Ph. D. at the Northern California Mediation Center in Corte Madera, Ca in 1999 as well as training in Mediation, Collaborative Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Kenneth Cloke at the Center for Dispute Resolution in Santa Monica, CA in 1990. She co-authored California Domestic Partnerships, which received the 2006 award for Professional Excellence from the Association for Continuing Legal Education.

In 2007, she completed a three year masters level training in psychology from the Center for Intentional Living. She serves as a settlement judge pro tem in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara County and is committed to alternative dispute resolution.

She has traveled to Africa to work at primate rescue sites and is an avid animal photographer.

Email Wendy: contact@wendymorganfamilylaw.com