Procedures: Which Way To Go?


With the correct support and guidance, most couples can effect agreements that will keep them out of the Court system, but which provide a lasting and satisfactory solution for all concerned. In mediation, the parties work on the issues facing them, in an effort to stay out of the Court system, which can be costly and stressful. The mediation process helps parties work together to create solutions and a base of cooperation that is essential after divorce, especially when children are involved. We will help you achieve a fair and equitable outcome, while maximizing the use of your time and money. The mediator, who remains impartial, will assist both parties reach an agreement that is crafted to the individual and is fully enforceable in a court of law.

Collaborative Divorce?

This is a new and fast expanding branch of family law. Like mediation, collaborative law practitioners are committed to keeping you out of Court, while providing you the representation of committed family law professionals. The Collaborative Arbitration & Mediation Professionals (CAMP) of Santa Cruz County is a team of professionals who have trained together to provide the best of support for both parties. The team usually consists of an attorney for each of you, and a communication coach. Also available, if needed, is a child specialist and a financial professional.


Sometimes, going to Court might be your best option. In cases of domestic violence, or when immediate action is needed, you may need to get the help of the Court. But Court action can be costly and for this reason, it is important to have an attorney on your side; one who has the necessary skills in the legal process to move difficult cases in the right direction to arrive at settlement in a manner that is crafted to last.

Limited Scope representation or unbundled consultation?

Sometimes a party might want to resolve their family law issues without full representation of an attorney, but needs advice and assistance on the way. You might want to engage the limited services of an attorney to assist you in preparing for a hearing, or in the alternative, representing you in court on a particular issue, e.g. custody or support. For this reason, unbundled services are available to help you fill out forms, calculate support, consultation regarding strategy to help you for your day in Court, or to argue on your behalf at a Court hearing.